In balmy, almost tropical weather conditions 30 Venerables set forth to play the annual 13 hole 'Xmas lunch' competition. The competition was best 2 of 4 stableford scores on each hole, and as testified by the results, in ideal conditions, there were some good scores to be had.


Back in the clubhouse lunch was eagerly anticipated with many discussions kicking off with 'If only' and 'what if', with the highlight being a side splittingly funny joke from Mr Taylor.


The lunch and service were excellent with many clean plates going back to the kitchen.


Our thanks to Richard for organizing the event, to Ken Rowbotham and David Baker for the raffle, Dave Sephton for the photos, Tony for the scorecards and results, Dave Watts for the staff collection, our skipper Steve for officiating and of course to all the Ven's who supported the event. A god team effort, and an excellent social event.


We raised £155 in the raffle for the Captains charities.

Off we go for 13 holes before lunch


Just the 4th on The Essex to play phew!


Back in the clubhouse waiting for lunch


At the tables


Steve Board presenting presents to Bob, Ed & Mrs A


The days results were as follows:


3rd place OCB with 70 points - Richard Gardner, Steve Board, David Baker, Ian Taylor

2nd place OCB with 70 points - Dave Watts, Steve King, Bob Bridges, Steve Wiliams

1st place with 73 points - Graham Handscombe, Steve Truckle, Martin Appleton, Gary Raynsford


Ending with David Bakers Raffle

Intro Picture.jpg

Christmas Lunch 2019


A total of 32 Venerables set out to play the annual 13 hole team competition all looking forward to one of Mrs A's excellent Christmas lunches, with a further 11 Ven's joining for the lunch.

For the golf, the weather was dry, albeit a tad chilly around the nether regions, with a moderate westerly draft. It was agreed before setting off that due to the overnight rain, all bunkers would be GUR. Suffice it to say that one or two players took the opportunity of going on a tour of the Heydon bunkers, actually visiting one or two bunkers more than once !!

A splendid day, with thanks going to Bernard for organising, Andrew for the photo's, and to Alan, David Baker and Pete Hill for the raffle, and Richard for officiating. Of course, a big thank you to the Akhtars for laying on a splendid lunch.

The raffle raised £220 for the Captain's charities.


Before golf 1.jpg

Above Bernard reading out the teams

And before the off trolleys huddled together out of the elements


After golf

After Golf 1.jpg
After Golf 2.jpg

At the tables

Tables 1 and 2.jpg
Tables 3.jpg
Tables 4 and 5.jpg

Christmas lunch; Yum Yum

Xmas Dinner.jpg

Richard presenting Mrs A & Ashley with Christmas Presents


The results of the team competition were as follows:


3rd place with 52 points ocb were Dave Watts, Richard Gardner, Martin Lane, Tony Leigh


2nd place also with 52 ocb were Steve Truckle, Bryan Nunn, Mick Williams, Ian Taylor


1st place with 63 points were Steve Bonnett, David Jones, Neil Staples, & Mike Phillips

2nd & 3rd place.jpg