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Venerables’ Thorpeness Tour 2019

A smaller party gathered this year. Small but perfectly formed.

As is the custom most met at the White Hart in Aldeburgh for social discourse and a wet before enjoying the five star fish and chips from the next door chippie in the very fine White Hart garden with overhead heaters turned on for us. Russ true to form arrived in the bar too late to buy anybody a drink and joined us in the garden with his scoff.

Thence to Thorpeness to enjoy the challenge with perhaps a rumbling or two of battered cod and Ghostship in a few venerable tums.

Dry the first day, but as the forecast for Wednesday was predicted to be made for Noah, it was decided to play for the Bill Cook on the Tuesday afternoon when all competitors were starters rather than on the second day. Colin played well to win.

Second day biblical flood but we managed to put back our tee time twice, and the field were finally off with gusto at 1.30pm. New knee Parkes and the wise elder Howarth journeyed into Aldeburgh to enjoy the highlights, and Bernard rested his old bones. The field got damp at times and one feels for Paddy who won on the day but only received a bottle of budget wine rather than the Bill Cook whistle.


Third day dry. Unfortunately Paddy reported in sick with a bandaged wrist due to too much wine glass lifting and went home for sympathy. Mrs Bakers boy showed his class and came in with a magnificent score to ensure his name once again goes on the Ken Brothwell Trophy for the best two scores from three. A brief mention of Peter Howarth finally finding his ball on the 17th in the hole to record an eagle two and the nearest the pin in two. A blind five wood we are told!

Thanks are due to Alan for Tour organisation and pics. Bernard for his ongoing gentlemanly competition organisation. Eagle Pete for wine and whip duties. Steve for presentations. And everybody for making this another enjoyable and memorable trip.


Alan presiding over the first tee

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Out on the course

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Dinner yum yum

Dinner 1 PS.jpg


DAY 1  Playing for the Bill Cook Memorial Trophy

1st    Colin Edge           32pts

2nd  David Baker         30pts

3rd   Tony Eggs            24pts



1st    Paddy Keane       27pts

2nd  John Charman     25pts

3rd   Colin Edge           24pts

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Day 3

1st    David Baker         34pts

2nd   Paul Kidman        24pts C/B

3rd    John Charman    24pts C/B

Nearest the Pin on the 7th. John Charman

Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 17th Peter Howarth ( His second shot finishing in the hole for an eagle)


The best two scores from three rounds and playing for the Ken Brothwell Trophy.

1st    David Baker          64 pts

2nd   Colin Edge           56 pts

3rd    Paddy Keane       49 pts


Below Steve Truckle presenting Colin Edge with The Bill Cook Trophy & David Baker with the Ken Brothwell Trophy

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Thorpe Title 2018 ps.jpg

Food and accommodation could not be faulted. Staff were very attentive and the ambience of the old club house remains.The 2018 Thorpeness party was blessed with superb weather for the whole three days of the trip. As is the custom we met at the White Hart in Aldeburgh for a small libation to appease the golfing gods and ensure a par or two. This was followed by the rather special fish and chip lunch which we enjoyed this year in the White Hart Garden. Those that quaffed a glass of white with their fish toasted Jim and Wiktor who we sorely missed even at this early part of the Tour. Thence to Thorpeness to be greeted by a magnificent rebuilt first tee just waiting for a Vens divot or two.

The course was in excellent condition being tough but fair if one hits it straight and plays within one’s limitations.

Overall our golf was good for some and less good for others but on reflection having played a top-notch course we have once again enjoyed the overall experience on the course and even more off it.

Thanks to Alan for organising the Tour and taking up the snappers role. To Mervyn for daily draws and competition results assisted in no small way by Bernard. To Peter Howarth for wine/prize kitty management and wine selection. To Tony Leigh for undertaking the Skippers role and keeping some semblance of order.

Doorstep PS.jpg

The Thorpeness Party

Tuesday Evening – Day One

After golf 1 PS.jpg
Tuesday after golf 2 PS.jpg

Tuesday – Day one results

2nd David Baker 29 pts

1st Steve Truckle 35 pts and winner of the Green Jacket.


Tony presenting 2nd place to David Baker 


Tony presenting 1st place to Steve Truckle

The Golfers – Day Two

Golfers one.jpg
Golfers two.jpg
Golfers three.jpg
Golfers four.jpg

Day Two At Dinner

Dinner 1.jpg

Below Merv reading day two results & day three pairing


Wednesday Day Two Results

2nd Tony Leigh 27 pts

1st David Baker 33pts and Winner of the Bill Cook Memorial Trophy and Green Jacket.

Below Top Picture Steve Truckle presenting Green Jacket to David Baker

Wednesday Results 1.jpg

Above picture showing 2nd place Tony Leigh, and 1st place David Baker

Thursday Day Three Results

3rd  Alan Parkes 22 pts ocb – 2nd Mickey Breedon 25 pts ocb

1st Merv Cooke 25 pts ocb and winner of the Green Jacket.  

Nearest Pin 7th hole Paul Kidman; Sadly nearest the pin in 2 on the 17th was not achieved!

Winner day 3 Merv.jpg

Above Top pic winner day 3 Merv Cooke

Above Bottom pic Merv receiving the Green Jacket

Top picture 2nd place Micky Breedon with 25 pts OCB

Bottom left Picture Nearest Pin 7th hole Paul Kidman

Bottom picture 3rd place Alan Parkes 22 pts ocb


OVERALL WINNERS – Best 2 out 3 scores:

2nd overall David Baker with 62 pts

1st overall Steve Truckle with 63 pts and winner of the Ken Brothwell trophy

Below Tony Leigh presenting the Ken Brothwell Trophy to Steve Truckle