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Mixed Texas Scramble Competition with
Heydon Ladies Wed 17th May 2023

Today the Ladies and the Venerable’s came together to compete in a mixed Texas Scrabble competition.


We managed to turn out 10 teams of four which were organised with a view to establishing the best level playing field possible based on handicaps, not an easy task which was undertaken by Richard Gardener and our appreciation goes to him.


The weather was kind to us and it can be said, the playing conditions on our improving course were near perfect.


Thanks goes to Mrs Aktar for organising the buffet which everyone enjoyed. Thanks also to Marilyn Symons and Steve Board for handling the food money.


I know our photographer for the day Dave Sephton will knock them into shape on our website, hopefully showing everyone’s best side.


The results announced by our Ladies Captain Trisha Esplin, and Richard Gardner were as follows 


3rd place with 70.1 points were:-

Dave Sephton, Cyril Harris, Deb Bowes, Stella Bore.


2nd place with 69.4 points were:-

Ken Rowbotham, Bob Bridges, Trisha Esplin, Gay Rodham.


1st place with 68.6 points were:-

John Black, Martin Redgewell, Deb Tweddle, Cathie Southcott.

Pictures in the clubhouse after golf 

Come on 'City' girl Trish!!


The days results:

In 3rd place with a score of 70.1

Dave Sephton, Cyril Harris,

Stella Bore & Debs Bowes


In 2nd Place with a score of 69.4

Trish Esplin, Gay Rodham,

Ken Rowbotham & Bob Bridges


The winners with a score of 68.6

John Black, Debs Tweddle, Cathie Southcott & Reggie

Mixed competition with Heydon Ladies Wed 18th May 2022

An excellent turnout of 21 ladies and 22 Ven's took part in the mixed competition (Texas scramble) which has now become a regular feature in the ladies and Ven's calendars.


We couldn't have asked for better weather, and back in the clubhouse we all tucked in to sandwiches and chips washed down with the occasional alcoholic beverage.


The results were as follows:


3rd place with a net score of 66.4 Richard Gardner, Dave Sephton and Deb Tweddle.


2nd place with 66.0 were Richard Atkinson, Steve Bazzoni, Miriam Sephton and Pat Bonnett


1st place with 64.7 were Steve Bonnett, Kevin Esplin, Gay Rodham and Joy Brown

Pictures below:

In 3rd place with 66.4 Debbie Tweddle, Richard Gardner & Dave Sephton
3rd Place.jpg
In 2nd place with 66.0 Pat Bonnett, Miriam Sephton, Steve Bazzoni & Richard Atkinson
Miriam had to leave early so picture added later

In 1st place with 64.7 Gay Rodham, Joy Brown, Steve Bonnett & Kevin Esplin


Mixed competition with The Ladies Wed 21st July 2021

20 venerables and 16 ladies braved the heat on a scorching hot day in the Texas Scramble Mixed Competition on Wednesday.


It was a great success and participants were treated to sandwiches and chips in the clubhouse afterwards.


Captain’s Steve and Debs presented the prizes, the winners being:

3rd place with a net score of 65.7 was

Debs Bryan, Maria Edison, Steve Board and John Searle


A close 2nd with a net score of 63.1 was

Pat Bonnett, Graham Handscombe, Steve Bazzoni and Terry Gardner


1st with a net score of 62.1

Wendy Osborne, Cyril Harris, Martin Lane and Richard Gardner

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