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Friday 17th February saw the unveiling  of our new competition, "The Heydon Grange 3 Tee Challenge", an individual stableford competition played from the white, yellow and red tees. The field of 23 golfers had to contend with strong winds, and because multiple tees were being utilised a number of participants needed an occasional  gentle reminder of where to tee-off. Only four players recorded scores of 35points or more. 


After golf we were treated to an excellent lunch comprising Ed`s now legendary steak pie with chips and peas. 


Our thanks to Steve King for organising the event, to Richard  who was presiding over his last competition as Captain before handing over the reins to Ken in April, to Ken for being Master of Ceremonies,

to Dave Watts for assisting with score cards, to Andrew for the photos, to Dave Sephton for publishing it all on our website, and to everyone who played and made it such an enjoyable day. 

Getting ready to play!
On the course
At the tables
The Results and winners presentation below:
1st.   Dave Watts   38points 
2nd.  Mike Phillips  37points 
3rd.   Dave Sephton   35points OCB 
4th.    Steve Truckle    35points OCB 
 In 3rd place with 35 pts OCB Dave Sephton
In 2nd place with 37 pts Mike Phillips
Winner of the Inaugural Three Tee Challenge Trophy Dave Watts with 38 pts
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