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Pre dinner drinks


At the tables


Captain Steve Board recounting the years highlights



Above picture - Steve presenting gifts to Mrs Akhtar and 

Vice Captain Richard Gardner's wife Sue

Picture below-

Steve presenting a gift to his wife Sue

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THE AWARDS (L to R in the above list)

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Wint Lad, Sinlges, Henlow.jpg
M Lane, Vilma, Jeffels.jpg
SDT, heydon Ch, Autumn Tour.jpg
Ilyas Akhtar Trophy & GOTY 2021.jpg

The Cleaning Squad

Cleaning Squad AD 2021.jpg
Steve Board & wife Sue.jpg

Pre dinner drinks

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Pre dinner drinks 2.jpg
Pre dinner drinks 3.jpg

At the tables

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Tables 7 & 8 PS.jpg
Tables 9&10 PS.jpg

Below picture - Richard presenting gifts to Mrs Akhtar

Richard's wife Sue Gardner and VC Steve Truckle's partner Barbara Whiten

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2019 Trophy presentation list.jpg

THE AWARDS (L to R in the above list)

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WEB 3.jpg
WEB 4.jpg
WEB 5.jpg

Above right Captain Richard presenting

Dave Watts with the Golfer Of The Year Trophy

Middle picture Mrs A presenting the tied Ilyas Akhtar Trophy to

Pat & Richard 

Above left Vice-Captain Steve Truckle presenting the

Heydon-Henlow Trophy to Richard

END PIECE - the cleaning squad in action below !

Cleaning Squad.jpg