A well supported Venerables Captain’s Day was held on Friday 23 of July.


Conditions were perfect which reflected on some excellent scores. After the competition the Ven’s gathered in the clubhouse and were treated to one of Mrs A’s famous curries.


Captain Steve presented the winners with prizes and David Soanes presented the Victor Soanes Cup to overall winner Martin Lane who came in with an impressive score of 42 stableford points


See the days other winners below:



Captain’s comments 


I would like to thank everyone who took part on the day and a special thanks to Dave Watts and Richard Gardner for their hard work in organising the event.


Your support is very much appreciated.


Steve Board

Captains Day pictures below:

Waiting for lunch1.jpg
Food 1.jpg
Watts & Board.jpg

Tony Leigh - Nearest pin 8th Essex                 Dave Sephton - Nearest pin in 2 - 4th Cambs

Nearest Pins & Longest Drives.jpg

Mike Phillips - Longest drives on both 6th Essex & 7th Cambs

Ian Taylor - 9 hole individual score Essex

9 hole individual Essex & Cambs.jpg

Martin Lane - 9 hole individual score Cambs

Hidden pairs 1st place Tony Leigh & Martin Lane

Hidden Pairs.jpg

Hidden pairs 2nd place Dave Sephton & Steve Truckle

The Victor Soanes Trophy Winner is Martin Lane

Below David Soanes presenting the trophy to Martin

Martin Lane WINNER.jpg
Cap Day 2021 Results.png
Captains Day Title 2021.jpg

43 players set out and even though they endured a couple of short bouts of moisture and ‘wind’ all finished in good spirits, though maybe not all with scores like the leaders in the 40’s or high 30’s.


As ever Mrs A did us proud with one of her sumptuous buffets which gave us sustenance to endure the shouts of jealous derision as the better prizes are claimed during the scrum we call the raffle.


Thanks to Bernard Brown and impresario Dave Watts for organising a splendid event, David Baker and Alan Parkes for extracting ‘fivers’ for an excellent raffle,  and Andrew Wyatt for his phtographic skills.

Overall an enjoyable and well deserved salute to our captain Richard.


Pre Golf

Dave Watts giving out the days instructions

Pre Golf 1.jpg

A little practice before we go

Pre Golf 2.jpg

On the course

Course 1.jpg

After golf, oh what could have been!

After Golf 1.jpg

Food glorious food

Food 1.jpg
Food 2.jpg

The presentation for the days winners:

Nearest the pin in two – Graham Handscombe

Nearest the pin – Paul Kidman

NP and LD.jpg

Longest drive on the Essex – Colin Edge

Longest drive on the Cambs – Steve Board


Hidden Pairs

1st Place – Ian Desborough & Graham Handscombe

2nd Place – Richard Gardner & Graham Jarman

Hidden Pairs.jpg

9 Hole  Best Stableford Score on the Cambs – Terry Gardner (21 pts)

9 Hole Best Stablesford Score on the Essex –  Paul Kidman (20 pts)

2 nines and overall winner.jpg

Overal Winner of the Victor Soanes Trophy with a magnificant score of 41 pts – IAN DESBOROUGH




Finishing off the day with Alan Parkes & David Bakers excellent raffle