On a mild, almost Spring like day, 26 Venerables set forth clutching their favourite 4 clubs plus a putter for the annual '5 club challenge'

A most enjoyable event, with some excellent team scores, and even a few individual scores in excess of 40 points. Who needs more than 5 clubs?

Our thanks to Steve and Tony for organizing the event, to Richard for officiating and to Dave for the photos and website update. A big thank you to Mrs A and Ed for the delicious curry and pies, and of course, to all the Ven's who supported the event.

1st groups getting ready for the 'off'

Pre golf.jpg

Below Ken Rowbotham hitting a beautiful shot

Ken Rowbotham on course.jpg

After golf and oh what could have been


At the tables


The results of the best 2 of 3 competition were as follows:


3rd place (ocb) with a team score of 86 points - Richard Gardner, Peter Jackson, Tom Woods

2nd place (ocb) with 86 points were - Dave Watts, John Fisher, Bob Bridges

1st place with a magnificent score of 94 points were - Dave Sephton, Ken Rowbotham, Paddy Keane

Picture below - In 3rd place (ocb) with a team score of 86 stableford points

Richard Gardner, Peter Jackson, Tom Woods.


Picture Above - In 2nd place (ocb) with 86 points were

Dave Watts, John Fisher, Bob Bridges

Picture below - In 1st place with a magnificent score of 94 points were

Dave Sephton, Ken Rowbotham, Paddy Keane


On a bright, breezy but chilly day, a modest field of 21 set out for the annual 4 club challenge clutching their favorite 3 clubs and trusty putters. One brave Venerable (we shall call him 'Steve') set forth in his summer outfit and apparently may have found it a tad chilly round the Trossocks.

However, once the results were in it became clear that a few of our number don't actually need the other 10 clubs that they carry round each week. Future events may have to consist of one club and no putter!!!!

The day was topped off by an excellent curry, courtesy of Mrs A, and cod and chips from Ed

Thanks to Richard and Tony for organising and running the event, and to Andrew for the photo's.

On Course


Curry is served


The results were as follows:

In 3rd place:


with a team score of 76 stableford points were Martin Lane, 'Steve' Truckle and Bob Bridges

2nd place:


with 78 points went to Tony Leigh, Mick Williams and Ian Desborough


The winners:


with an excellent 80 points were Andrew Wyatt, Ken Hart and Paddy Keane


Five Clubs & Curry 29 January 2020


Above - Richard & Dave sorting out the teams



28 Venerables set out for the annual 4 clubs and a putter competition. Although dry and sunny, a strong, cold wind made scoring somewhat difficult. In spite of the weather, an enjoyable day's golf.

Our thanks to Bernard and Dave Watts for organising, to Dave Sephton for the photo's and Richard for officiating. The 28 players were joined by another 3 Ven's for lunch, and as always, our thanks also to Mrs A for the excellent curry.

Three teams were competing for 2nd and 3rd place with 71 stableford points, the team that just missed out on count back were messrs Woods, Starr, Board and Williams (M), and those taking home the prizes shown below.

Before golf 1.jpg

Above -


Dave & Richard reading out the teams and competition rules before the off

Back in the clubhouse out of the cold and wind

After Golf 2.jpg
After Golf 1.jpg

Waiting for the curry !

Tables 1.jpg
Tables 2.jpg

Curry and Ham Egg & Chips for some

Richard presenting the days results below

3rd Place OCB with 71 pts -  Steve Bonnett, Richard Atkinson, David Jones &

Neil Staples

2nd Place OCB with 71pts - Roger Smith, Leon Covington, Ken Rowbotham &

John Black (not in picture)

1st Place with 75pts - Tony Leigh, Dave Sephton, Martin Lane & Graham Jarman

Winners 2nd & 3rd Place.jpg
Winners 1st Place.jpg